About this website

This is a blog dedicated to lions. My fascination with lions started when I was five. My grandparents took me on a visit to San Diego Zoo and I remember being captivated by the lion den. When I saw my first lion, I remember feeling like I belonged with these majestic creatures. Ever since then, I have been utterly and completely mesmerized by lions and I can totally understand why so many others are. Just look at the raft of clubs, sports teams, music bands and even products named after lions!

Why dedicated an entire blog to lions? Why not?

The lion is an animal at the top of the food chain and the pinnacle of the animal kingdom. Lions kill and eat any animals in their habitat. Nothing can eat a healthy and robust lion, and lions have virtually no predators. That fact alone is simply amazing when you stop to think about it!

What animals eat a lion?

The only lions that are vulnerable are old, and sick lions that can be attacked by hyenas. Hyenas or leopards can attack young lions, but this usually only happens if their mothers are not there to protect them.

Like life, we all want to be king of the heap. Human DNA is wired not only to survive but to dominate and to be the king of the jungle. We all have a lot in common with lions, so if you’re looking for inspiration, I hope to see you here, again and again, joining me as I roar like a lion, eat like a lion and live like a lion!

Lions rule!!

Simba Browne