Lessons from a lion’s roar

The lion’s roar is one of the most distinctive calls from the animal kingdom. Studies have revealed it may be heard around approximately 8km away. Roars can be dependent on the age of the lion and can be heard before sunrise and sunset when lions are active.

The main reason lions roar are:

  • To frighten lions from other prides off their patch
  • To show how big and talented they are (occasionally also to bully other lions and other predators )
  • To tell other lions of their place in the pecking order
  • Strengthen social bonds (if they perform it in a chorus or collectively )

Other lion noises are created while they’re happy, for example, if they are playing with one another you might hear funny sounds like puffs and hums. These signify happiness.

A lioness produces soft sound when she’s searching for her cubs or is calling them out. The cubs hear this noise and will call back. It’s similar to purring.

How does this help you in your daily life?

Are you being bullied or is someone at school, work or in your life making your life difficult? If you feel that you’re being taken advantage of there is a simple way to fix this.

You merely need to change your perspective.

First, realize that the negative emotions you feel are all in your mind. Nobody can hurt you if you don’t let them. Think of the mighty lion – to frighten other lions off its turf.

Lions will roar and make noises to intimidate others. If the other lions choose to be scared, it’s not the roaring lions fault.
So think of yourself as a lion and don’t let any other lions scare you off your turf.

Think about why you’re scared. If you’re being intimated or bullied at school, are you afraid of being physically beaten or is your fear more about being shamed and ridiculed?

Both fears are easy to overcome if you have a plan. Sometimes, the plan might require time – time to change, to learn to skills. But some things can be as simple as turning on a switch in your brain.

If you’re afraid of being ridiculed, decide that you don’t want to be part of the flock and that you want to be your own person. As soon as you’ve decided what YOU want to be, no one can hurt you except YOU.

Take a leaf out of the lion’s book and lead a meaningful and purposeful life. Lions roar. Lions rule. You can live like a lion have the life you deserve.

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